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21-day Amtrak California Rail Pass
Best USA Travel Bargain?
We Think So.

The Amtrak California logo showing both a train and an Amtrak Thruway connecting bus, with the California capitol building in the background.

Giving you 21-days of travel in California to over 100 destinations, the Amtrak California Rail Pass may likely be the best travel bargain in the U.S
$159 ($79.50 children) allows seven days of inter-city travel over a 21-day period. California’s state government supports an extensive network of Amtrak routes and these are supplemented by Amtrak “Thruway” buses connecting to smaller cities.

The cost of Amtrak's premier train, the Coast Starlight, between Los Angeles to San Francisco alone, included in your pass, costs $59 to $65 in peak season (2018), with sufficient advance purchase, and $125 without, if purchased separately.

To pay just $159 for that and ALL the other trains you will use is a super deal.

Your pass also puts you in Stateline (Lake Tahoe), Las Vegas, and Reno in Nevada, if you wish.

A basic sample itinerary

The following itinerary uses six days of your seven travel days. Start anywhere along it. Clock-wise works best for coastal scenery.

  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco Bay Area
  • Yosemite National Park
  • Either Las Vegas or Palm Springs area (You could visit both using that extra day you have available.)
  • San Diego
  • Los Angeles

Pay a bit extra to add overnight stops

By paying a little extra you easily add overnight stops.

For example, Santa Barbara, not far north of Los Angeles, calls itself America’s Riviera. I find it truly a joy to visit.

Pay the regular low fare between LA and Santa Barbara and get that extra destination. Then use your pass to travel to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Both Boltbus and Magabus offer cheap—and I mean cheap—fares between Las Vegas and Los Angeles especially if booked early. That frees you up for another overnight city.

Explore timetables

Image above: The high-level sightseeing car on the Coast Starlight, a train included in your California Rail Pass. It follows a beautiful section of the Southern California coastline. You find a snack bar on the lower level. All coaches on this train offer you a choice of high-level or lower-level seating. This is a train that you should book on your pass to maximize your enjoyment. Northbound works best.

The following four timetables show you all the overnight stops you are allowed in California and Nevada and how they connect.

Coast Starlight

You want the Coast Starlight northbound from Los Angeles.

That gives you a half day of experiencing California’s beautiful coastline from high-level cars as shown in the image above. Sit on the left.

Sample Amtrak Coast Starlight Timetable

If the Coast Starlight is sold out, use the morning train departure in the following timetable to San Luis Obispo, with a bus connection to the Bay Area. That way you still experience all of the coastal scenery.

Pacific Surfliner services

Sample Amtrak Pacific Surfliners Timetable

This timetable includes a map of all services in California.

San Joaquin services

Sample Amtrak San Joaquin Services Timetable

If travelling between Southern California and Las Vegas you need to check Amtrak.com online for the schedule. This Los Angeles to Las Vegas bus service must be booked with a connecting train. Thus, for example search for San Diego to Las Vegas, Anaheim (Disneyland) to . . .. etc.

Los Angeles to Las Vegas Schedules

The bus connection shows in Amtrak's Southwest Chief but please see the note below.

Sample Amtrak Southwest Chief Schedule

Train exceptions

Not included in the pass are Amtrak’s Southwest Chief, California Zephyr, and combo Texas Eagle/Sunset trains. Except for Needles on the Arizona border, all of their stops are covered by the Amtrak trains and buses included in your pass.

Avoid short connections

Try to avoid short connections. Amtrak operates over freight railway-owned tracks and these are congested. It has no control over this, in spite of federal law giving it priority.

Certain connecting services will usually hold for you such as a connecting bus from your train in Bakersfield to a Las Vegas bound bus.

Cautions and options

An Amtrak Thruway bus at Amtrak's San Jose station sits ready to take connecting passengers to the beaches and boardwalk in Santa Cruz, a popular surfing locale. This bus has a bike rack, few have them.

An Amtrak Thruway bus at Amtrak's San Jose station sits ready to take connecting passengers to the beaches and boardwalk in Santa Cruz, a popular surfing locale. Few buses have bike racks.

Los Angeles

Amtrak arrives downtown.

Your pass can include at no extra cost a connection to Anaheim or Fullerton for Disneyland.

You can easily connect (at you own expense) from Union Station via Red Line subway to Hollywood or via the City of Santa Monica’s express “Big Blue Bus” #10 to oceanfront Santa Monica.

Budget travellers in Santa Monica should try to book a bed at its city-supported Santa Monica Hostel located just above the beach. Perfect location!

Yosemite National Park - Yosemite Valley

View of downtown Los Angeles skyline as you walk out of Amtrak Union Station, with LA city hall in the distance and a portion of Los Angeles Historic Park on the right, where LA was founded.

Image above: View of Los Angeles as you walk out of Amtrak Union Station. Amtrak nearly always takes you conveniently downtown.

Do NOT book Amtrak into Yosemite until you have confirmed accommodation that is conveniently reached from your Amtrak bus and is affordable. Rooms book up sometimes weeks in advance.

Budget travellers may want to stay outside the park. For example, the “Yosemite Bug,” a combination hostel and rustic lodge, sits just one-fourth mile from an Amtrak stop and offers transfers to Yosemite Valley, where you can connect to Yosemite’s free intra-park transportation system.

Access Yosemite Bug for information valuable to all who visit the park.

Booking your California Rail Pass

Book all trains in advance via 1 800 USA-RAIL or via a travel agency. If travelling during a peak period, I suggest that you have some alternative dates and routes in mind.

Then you must obtain a ticket for each train and bus you are travelling on at an Amtrak station prior to travelling. Don’t wait until day of departure.



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