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USA by Rail
By John Pitt

If you want to fully enjoy travelling by train, USA by Rail is for you. It also helps you plan trips into Canada.

In addition, this guidebook makes a great gift for someone planning her or his first trip on Amtrak or Via Rail, as it gives comprehensive trip planning advice with clear explanations.

Travelling by rail is much more comfortable than going by Greyhound bus. You can move around and even visit lounge and dining cars on long distance trains. Unlike driving, you can relax and even catch up on your reading.

However, there are too few trains to meet demand in peak season. You must carefully plan your trip and book in advance without much chance of making spontaneous changes later.

This is where a comprehensive guide like USA by Rail really helps.

You get all sorts of help. You find out which routes to take. Where you will see the nicest scenery. What service you will receive.

Use USA by Rail to enhance the enjoyment of your next trip.

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