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Living in America + Canada


Amtrak & Via Rail 101

California's Super Bargain Rail Itinerary
Amtrak & Via Rail Canada pros & cons
Amtrak, Via Rail - scenic routes
Amtrak & Via Rail Canada booking tips

Bus Travel 101

Bus travel - pros & cons
Greyhound - scenic routes
Planning Greyhound bus trips for best scenery

Other travel tips

Best places to begin trip to Canada & USA
Sample USA winter itinerary - no driving
Day hikes with the Sierra Club

Studying, Travelling, Living in Canada & USA
Tips for International Students & Travellers

Here you find the essentials of living, studying, and travelling in Canada and the United States. How best to adjust to American and Canadian cultures, make friends, dine well, be safe and healthy, handle complaints, budget your time, and much more.

You receive tips for travelling in North America, including for hostels, best scenery, inexpensive hotels and motels, budget airlines, Amtrak, Via Rail, BoltBus, Greyhound, rental cars, scenic routes, what to see, what to do, and more—even how to save money for your trips.

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